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Meet the Sunbirds Tigerwing


The professional mapping drone designed for the highest level of productivity. Cut acquisition time and costs by flying with two different payloads at the same time, add our GNSS PPK option for centimeter accuracy and map large areas thanks to our BVLOS capability. Highly precise and safe, this fully autonomous UAV is a complete package enabling flexibility.

With its Multi-Payload capabilities, you are able to select and switch your sensors to collect all the data required for your business, from RGB to multispectral and thermal images. Rugged and safe, the Tigerwing is field proven. It is designed to take-off and land in the harshest environment and fly where no other drones can.





50min Autonomy

Sunbirds is internationally known for its excellence in endurance. The Tigerwing can fly up to 50min. This means your mission will be easier and often will only require one flight.









Multiple Payloads

With its multi-mission capabilities, select and switch your sensors on the same UAV. Cut aquisition time by flying with two sensors at the same time.










Our PPK technology enables professionals to achieve the most accurate and reliable results and save time in the field without GCP.









Fully Autonomous

This UAV is fully autonomous. Switch to automatic mode for take-off, and it will execute its mission and collect data automatically.









Folding Propellers

Achieve the best propulsion systems for an optimal flight time. Our high efficiency folding propellers provides the highest level of thrust while being silent during the flight.
















180cm - 71in





140cm - 55in


  Weight   2.8kg  

Flight Modes


Assisted / Autonomous


  Propulsion   Brushless / Folding propellers  
  Battery Pack   Lipo 10Ah 4S 14.8V  
  Launch   By hand  
  Connectivity    433MhZ or 915Mhz Direct Link  
  Flight Time   50 min  
  Flying Range   64km - 39.7 miles  
  Radio Link Range   50km - 31 miles  
  Cruise Speed   35km/h - 9.7m/s  
  Wind Resistance   35km/h - 9.7m/s  
  Night flight   Optional FAA-grade lighting  
  Default Payload   Sony RX100 20Mpxl RGB Camera  
  GSD   Down to 1cm  
  Flight Coverage   100ha (247 ac) mapped with 1 cm GSD at 40m (130 ft) AGL

200ha (494 ac) mapped with 2 cm GSD at 80m (260 ft) AGL

1000ha (2470 ac) mapped with 11 cm GSD at 450m (1476 ft) AGL


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