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The Sunbirds Mobula is a Simple and Affordable Professional Flying Wing with high mapping capabilities. Fully autonomous and easy to transport, the Mobula will become your inevitable tool for aerial mapping.

With a 90 minutes flight time, the Mobula is capable of mapping hundreds of hectares with a GSD up to 1 cm. Small and easy to deploy, the Mobula is a flexible drone enabling to swap payload on the field (i.e. from RedEdge to Sony RX100) to maximize data collection during your operations. The Mobula’s fuselage is made of EPO, making it durable and easy to repair & maintain after harsh landings.

If you want to start to integrate drone operations into your business at low investment risks, the Mobula is the perfect choice








90min Autonomy

The Mobula can fly for up to 1.5 hours. With up to 90 minutes of autonomous flight, your mission will be easier and faster !










Our PPK technology enables professionals to achieve the most accurate and reliable results and save time in the field without GCP.










This UAV is fully autonomous. Switch to automatic mode for take-off, and it will execute its mission and collect data automatically.









Payload Swap

The Mobula is a flexible drone. Realize different flights with different cameras depending on your needs.



















  Weight   2.4kg  



112m - 50.4in





71.7cm - 28in


  Flight Modes   Assisted / Autonomous  



Brushless / Folding propellers


  Battery Pack   Lipo 6750mAh 4S 14.8V  
  Launch   By Hand  
  Connectivity   433MhZ or 915Mhz Direct Link  
  Flight Time   1H30  
  Flying Range   64km - 39.7 miles  
  Radio Range   50km - 31 miles  
  Cruise Speed   45km/h - 13m/s  
  Wind resistance   50km/h - 14m/s  
  Default Payload   Sony RX100 20Mpxl RGB Camera  
  GSD   Down to 1cm  
  Flight Coverage   110ha mapped with 2 cm GSD at 95m AGL

265ha  mapped with 5 cm GSD at 200m AGL

612ha mapped with 10 cm GSD at 450m AGL


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