Why Choose Rise Above Drones?

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 Rise Above Custom Drone Solutions are Australia’s largest Drone retailer and manufacturer, and hold a reputation as experts in the UAV field.  We take the time to ensure every part of your drone is built and configured to perfection. That is why we guarantee our kits to produce perfectly stable and jello free video, and have superior flight performance compared to other systems on the market.  We have a range of drone test video’s which showcase the extreme flying we put our systems through when testing.

 At Rise Above Aerials, we supply custom built and ready to fly drone solutions for all industries and budgets.  Our ready to fly packages are custom built by our experienced team to be optimised for aerial photography and video.   We have a range of drone for numerous applications including:

  • Aerial photography and Videography
  • Asset & Infrastructure inspections
  • Mapping & Surveying
  • Agricultural management
  • Infrared/Thermal/Multispectral/NIR cameras
  • Long flight time and heavy lift systems
  • Payload carry and release systems
  • Sensor mounting for data
  • Much more - contact us with your requirements

Our systems use market leading flight controllers, motors and components, which provide smooth & stable flight, as well as extremely accurate GPS position hold, waypoint navigation, target lock , plus much more.

 Professional users require a custom built aerial solution, which is what we can provide.  We keep up to date with the latest technology, to ensure your drone is fitted with the best and latest components and sensors to maximise their capability, including the latest brushless camera gimbals.  We optimise all our drones for flight and video performance, so your drone is guaranteed to be smooth and stable in flight, and produce the highest quality video.  We also overrate all our components, so your drone will run cool and handle heavy loads.

  Our customer service is second to none; we are available on call between 9am-6pm, 6 days per week and have emergency contact numbers for custom build clients.  We are located about 45mins south of Sydney, so you can come drive in and drive away!  We provide face to face technical advice and support; call us today to come in for a UAV demonstration.

  We can train you to fly your drone, and provide CASA required UAV manufacturer training, RPAS training (through our training partners) and operations manual assistance.   We can also assist you with the express delivery of spares throughout Australia;  if you are on a job and you realise you forgot your charger, give us a call and we will express post one out to you!

 ​We have chosen only high quality suppliers for frames and components, and we are proud to be the Australian distributor for Aerialtronics, DJI, Vulcan UAV, Tmotor, and a large range of other industry leading manufacturers.  This allows us to provide you with local support and warranty, as well as technical advice from our experienced team.  

We have countless positive reviews online, and are known as the guys to go to when you have a problem which you can't solve.  It's an obvious choice to choose the experts who will provide a system which meets your requirements and expectations.

Contact Rise Above today for your own customised UAV Drone solution

Email: sales@riseaboveaerials.com.au

PH: (02) 46 473 450