FREE Drone Service

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Rise Above is proud to exclusively offer FREE Drone Servicing over a 1 year period, on select drones purchased from Rise Above. Details below.

One complimentary maintenance service to be completed by an Authorised Rise Above Technician involving the following checks:
-    Overall drone system. 
-    Motors oiled and inspected.
-    Cavities cleaned, dusted and inspected for wear.
-    Pin connections inspected for damage.
-    Firmware updated and error check.
-    Calibration and test flight.

1.    The 1 year period begins from date of purchase.
2.    Complimentary drone servicing must be used within the 1 year period following the purchase of your drone.
3.    Cannot be used in conjunction with any other Rise Above offer.
4.    Does not cover drone assessment or repairs in the case of a drone crash or damage.
5.    Does not cover the cost of any replacement parts or installation of replacement parts if drone damage is found during inspection.
6.    Customer is responsible for all postage, transport and related fees (receipt and return).
7.    Rise Above is not responsible for any loss or damages to the drone during postage, transport or transit. We can offer transit insurance for return postage, contact us for details.


Drones eligible for FREE 1 year servicing.

1.    All DJI Phantom series, including Phantom 4, Phantom 3, etc.
2.    All DJI Inspire 1 series, including Inspire 1, Inspire 1 Pro, Inspire 1 Raw, etc.
3.    DJI Matrice 600 and Matrice 100.
4.    3DR Solo Smart Drone