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Book your Drone Repair Now! 

Call us:  (02) 4647 3450 

Email us: support@riseabove.com.au


Have you crashed your Drone or is your Drone behaving weirdly?

Unable to load the lateset firmware?

Need an upgrade or enhancement to your drone?


You've come to the right place!  Rise Above offers trusted Drone Repair service to get your craft flying back in the air in no time.  We fix problems that others can't!


We are Drone Repair, Upgrade & Customisation Specialists for a range of  different types of Drones from the DJI Phantom and Mavic Pro to the DJI Matrice 600, fully customised & other drone systems.



We are a DJI Authorised Repairer.  Our staff have received training from DJI and are authorised to diagnose, upgrade and repair DJI drones so no issue is big or small. 



We offer a 100% Workmanship guarantee.  We test fly every repaired, upgraded or customised craft and use only genuine original manufacturer's parts.  





You can be 100% Confident that your Drone will work as it should.  



1.   Crashed your Drone or need a problem fixed?  Call us on (02) 4647 3450 or Email us at support@riseabove.com.au

2.   You will receive an email with instructions on how to send us your drone.

3.   Once we’ve received your drone we send you an email showing pics of what we received.

4.   We send you an estimate of costs for repair.  We charge an hourly rate of $100 + GST for Hobby Drones and $150 + GST for Commercial or Customised Drones. 

5.  If you approve, your drone is repaired.  If you don’t accept, we charge a diagnostic fee ($50 + GST - Hobby Drone) or ($100 + GST for Commercial or Customised Drones) plus return shipping.  

6.  We will fix your drone and test fly it to ensure everything is in working order.

7.  You’ll receive an email or phone call from us regarding your drone and payment.

8.  Once your payment is received by us, we will send you your drone and you’re flying again! 


Book your Drone Repair Now! 

Call us:  (02) 4647 3450 

Email us: support@riseabove.com.au


All Products sold by Rise Above are covered by manufacturer's warranty.  Please refer to our Terms & Conditions and DJI Warranty Process for further information.    

Where an item needs to be sent back to the manufacturer for repair, it can be hard to estimate repair and shipping costs.  We will do our best to give you our estimate, but ultimately the costs will be decided by the manufacturer and payment will be required prior to the item being returned.