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Why use Rise Above for your Drone Pilot Training?

We use only CASA Certified Professional Trainers with over 10 years experience in delivering both practical and theory based Pilot training up to and beyond commercial Remote Pilote Licensing.  
You Get Professional Industry Standard and Accredited Practical and Theory Training so you will not only be qualified but also prepared to be an effective commercial operator.
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Flying Drones Commercially?
Unsure of what Qualifications you need?
In Australia under CASA regulations,Remote Pilot License (RPL) is needed to operate Drones / Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) above 2kg commercially.  If under 2kg, you don't require a licence but you must register your drone with CASA and abide by CASA Standard operating procedures when operating your Drone.  
After getting your RPL, you may need to complete UAV Manufacturer's Training which qualifies you to operate your specific Drone depending on your Drone's Model and your requirements (e.g.. DJI Matrice 600 Training, DJI Inspire Training, DJI Phantom Training).
Once your RPL and UAV Manufacturer's training is completed, you can now fly for a certified company.  If you are starting your own business, you will need a CASA Remote Pilot Aircraft Operator's Certificate (OC) which allows your business to fly drones for commercial gain.
Rise Above offers the following programs through our Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) accredited Industry Partner to both prepare and qualify you to become an effective commercial drone operator in Australia under your own or another person's business. 
Corporate Training Packages are also available as well as further discounts for booking Courses and Certification together i.e. CASA Remote Pilot Licence + CASA Remote Pilot Aircraft Operator's Certificate + Sub-25kg UAV Type Manufacturer's Training

Commercial Drone Pilot Training Courses and Certifications

Flight Foundations


CASA Remote Pilote Licence (RPL)


CASA Remote Pilot Aircraft Operator's Certificate (ReOC)


Sub 25-Kg UAV Type Manufacturer's Training


Digital Mapping & Surveying


Digital Photography & Filming


Fly Sub 2kg UAV Commercially With Public Liability Insurance

Fly Over 2kg UAV Commercially under another Business 

Fly Over 2kg UAV Commercially under your own Business

Fly Over 2kg UAV Commercially under your own Business

Professional Short Course

Professional Short Course

Full QBE Certification for Sub 2kg Public Liability Insurance

2-Day Training with Flight Time using a DJI Phantom

Learn to Fly before you Buy

Turn your Hobby into a Profession

Learn the Rules for Safe and Legal Professional Flight

CASA Accredited

5-Day Classroom Course Aimed at New Pilots

Practical and Theory

Issue of CASA Remote Pilote Licence

Issue of Radio Operator's Certificate

Issue of Night Operations Certificate of Competency

Training UAV, Course Textbooks, Maps & Publications Provided

Operations Manual + appendix and technical documents

Operational Library

Application to CASA or delegate for your ReOC

Training on Use of Manuals

Training and Preparation for Final CASA Assessment



CASA Accredited

1-Day Professional; Training

Over 1 hour Supervised flight time on M600 or S900 Airframe

Australian Institute of Mine Surveyors Accredited

2-Day Professional Training on basics of Mapping, Surveying, Agriculture and Spotting

Industry Professional Trainer

Map Accurate Data  using a Drone


1-Day Training on Digital Cameras, Image Processing, Composition and Framing, Flying Techniques

Practical Hands-On advice to get top class photos and videos

Industry Professional Photographer & Photography Teacher














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