Drone Digital Mapping and Surveying Drone Training Course

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If your business uses drones to obtain surveying and mapping data, get your employees educated with the experts. Even experienced surveyors find that piloting a drone for this purpose comes with its own challenges. Our courses give you the basics on aerial imaging for data acquisition in various fields, including:

  • Mapping
  • Surveying
  • Agriculture
  • Spotting

This 2-day remote sensing training courses have been accredited by the Australian Institute of Mine Surveyors and is strictly tailored to get you as job-ready as possible.  Each course qualifies you to attract 14 survey practice points. 

UAV Remote Sensing Course outline

Module 1 and 2
Duration: 2 Days

1.1 Digital camera basics

  • Basic types of digital cameras used in UAV’s
  • How a CCD and CMOS sensor work
  • Bayer Filter basics
  • Pixel size and signal to noise

1.2 Types of shutters how these effect remotely sense

  • Electromagnetic spectrum
  • Atmosphere interactions / scattering
  • IFOV – Instantaneous Field of View
  • Types of resolution
    • Spatial (GSD)
    • Spectral (multispectral, hyperspectral)
    • Radiometric (bit depth / dynamic range)
    • Temporal
  • Types of sensors used in unmanned aerial survey
    • Passive Vs Active

1.3 Passive – Frame cameras and Line scanners

1.4 Geometric distortions from platform and sensor

  • Errors caused by platform (UAV) movement
    • Pitch
    • Roll
    • Yaw
    • Altitude
    • Velocity
  • Types of UAV airframes and how they relate to platform errors
  • Geometric errors caused by sensor
    • Rolling shutter effects
    • Lens distortion effects

2.0 UAV survey design and Basics Principles

  • Flight line orientation block and linear features
  • Overlaps forward and side
  • Effects of terrain on overlaps
  • Airbase and run spacing calculations
  • Stereo imagery base / height ratio
  • Ground Sample Distance + how to calculate
  • Forward Image movement calculations
  • Sun angle calculations and effects
  • Ground control design and layout
  • GPS airstation basics

The Course Instructor holds a master’s degree in photogrammetry with over 20 years’ experience in manned aircraft aerial imaging and data acquisition.  They are the best possible teacher for you or your employees and can show you how to get the most from your Drone with thorough training. Under his tutelage you’ll learn how to get your aircraft to produce an “answer’ that your clients can use and will be happy to pay for.

 Cost $1250+GST


  • Nowra
  • Bankstown

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