DJI Australia Dealer Structure

DJI Australia Dealer Structure  main image DJI Australia Dealer Structure  image

The DJI dealer structure in Australia consists of two levels:

      1.  Tier 1:  DJI Australian Dstributors: Rise Above is one of only 4 Australian DJI Distributors (we are exclusive for Sydney)

  • Import direct with DJI
  • Deal directly with DJI on warranty issues
  • Have a direct line of contact with DJI tech support
  • Have a direct line of contact with DJI management
  • Resell DJI products to DJI Subdealers 


      2.  Tier 2:  DJI Subdealers:  

  • DJI Subdealers purchase from DJI Australian Distributors
  • Process warranty issues through DJI Australian Distributors
  • Tech support contact is managed through DJI Australian Distributors
  • All contact managed through DJI Australian Distributors


Benefits of Dealing with Rise Above as a DJI Australian Distributor

1.  We have the largest range of DJI products, and hold huge amounts of local stock.

2.  We are expert in Drones, especially DJI.  We handle all repairs and upgrades in house.

3.  Local warranty - Rise Above goes above and beyond other distributors in performing warranty repairs in house.  Where approved by DJI, Rise Above performs all phantom repairs in house, which means you don't ship back to China, and you are back in the air fast!

4.  Local DOA replacement - Rise Above goes above and beyond other distributors in offering local DOA replacement (where approved by DJI).  If your product is reported as faulty within 7 days of receipt, and is approved for DOA replacement, we will issue a replacement fromm our local stock (where available).   No more waiting weeks for replacement from China!

5.  Cut out the middleman - Rise Above deals directly with DJI. So where you have questions, concerns, warranty or DOA issues, etc, Rise Above can get them resolved for you fast.  We don't deal with middlemen so our turnaround times are faster, and we have developed a personal relationship with DJI.