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Get certified not just to fly a drone, but learn to fly it well! 

Designed to get you your remote pilot license – formally, this five day drone pilot training course is the perfect thing to kick-start a rewarding career as a drone pilot. Our CASA Certified Industry Partners will teach you everything you need to know about UAV (RPA) systems, aerodynamics, mission planning and preparation, flying at night, and much more.

You will learn practical flying skills as well as practical operational skills that will put you a cut above the average pilot. In aviation, knowledge is everything, you will be prepared for the challenges that lie ahead providing you with a rigorous Drone pilot training course covering all manner of practical applications.

Our objective is to provide you with a solid grounding in the basic skills that will help you launch your career in the right direction. Get the remote pilot training that will make you an asset in any organisation and an attractive tender to clients.

Course Subjects

  • UAV/RPA systems and functionality
  • Aerodynamics
  • Mission planning and preparation
  • Meteorology
  • Navigation
  • RPA maintenance
  • Human factors
  • Nigh flying
  • Basic Mapping with a drone
  • Close Proximity operations (15 metres)


  • 5 day classroom course
  • Practical and theory
  • Accommodation Included (Nowra base)
  • Issue of RePL
  • Issue of Radio Operators certificate  (Including English proficiency exam)
  • Issue of Night Operations Certificate of Competency
  • Training UAV provided
  • All course text books, maps and publications
  • ‘Drone pilot’ high Vis Vest


  • Nowra
  • Melbourne
  • Sydney
  • Gold Coast/Brisbane/Sunshine Coast
  • Adelaide
  • Perth

Course Fee
$2,950 (GST Free) per person


There are no pre requisites for the RePL course. But you will need to have an ARN (Aviation Reference Number) issued by CASA before we can process your Remote Pilot licence. If you do not have an ARN, you can apply for one via the CASA ARN Application process.

Type Training

If you already hold an Australian pilots licence for Aeroplane or helicopter, you don’t have to do a full 5 day course. We can offer you a conversions course and type training.

This involves only 1 and 1/2 days of practical and theory training to cover off the RPA specific subjects required to issue you with an RePL.

We do need you to have some previous Drone flying experience before attending this course.

Cost $1,200 (+GST)

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