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If you want to start a serious drone business or add drones to your existing business, you need to hold a CASA RPA Operator’s Certificate (ReOC). Once issued by CASA, this certificate encompasses your business operations as a whole. You will make an application to CASA, which will include several technical manuals and documents explaining how you intend to:

  • Operate your drone business
  • Administer your staff
  • Keep records
  • Maintain currency and competency of staff (pilots and crew)
  • Remain compliant with rules and regulations
  • Assess and manage risk
  • Maintenance procedures
  • Handle dangerous good
  • Drug and alcohol management plans

Rise Above through our CASA Certified Professional Industry partner can assist you prepare and manage all of the technical documents required to make application to CASA. We write all your manuals, consult with you on how your business will operate inside the rule framework, how to manage future changes to the documents along with practical advice on the day-to-day running of an Australian drone business.

Our Professinal Industry Partner will demystify the process and give you practical, hands on knowledge and skills to help you understand how your operation will fit into the current aviation legislation, and give you the most powerful tool for ANY business — knowledge!

CASA RPA Operator’s Certificate application steps:

  1. You provide your information:
  • Business details
  • Operational details
  • Staff details
  • Drone types
  • Equipment specs
  1. We produce:
  • Operations manual + all appendix’s and technical documents
  • Operational Library
  1. Our team make application to CASA (or a delegate) for your ReOC
  2. We provide training on administration (use of the manuals)
  3. We provide training and preparation for the CASA final assessment
  4. You are assessed by CASA (or a delegate) and interviewed in relation to your operations
  5. CASA issue your RPA Operator’s Certificate
  6. You start earning money!


  • Once you provide all information, our industry partner will make application within 2 weeks.
  • CASA will take 2-4 Months to process your application, the delegate will take 4-6 weeks if you chose that option.


  • You need to nominate a Chief Controller, and that person must hold a valid CASA Remote Pilot Licence.
  • You must nominate a chief maintenance provider. That person can be you or someone else.
  • You will be charged a fee of between $1700.00 - $2000.00 by CASA or the delegate to process your application


The entire process can be handled electronically, with no need for face-to-face time.

Fee Structure

Your ReOC application will be asssessed on an individual basis and fee applied according to how complex your application will be. For a typical operation involving an off the shelf drone (Inspire 1, DJI S1000 for example) our fees are $1190.00 Inc GST, with package deals available when combining the CASA Remote Pilot Training.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.  Can I prepare an application for an RPA Operator’s Certificate on my own?

Yes, you can. CASA will send you a generic operations manual, which you can fill in and submit. The problem is, if you don’t have a background in technical document preparation you will be applying to CASA by trial and error, which will lead to significant delays and extra costs to you. The documents will need to be at a very mature standard before CASA will accept the application and move it through the system.

2.  Is there a CASA test involved with the ReOC?

No, if you have gained your RePL through our training course, there is no further written testing through CASA. There is an interview conducted over the phone which we thoroughly prepare you for.

3. Will I receive assistance to me prepare for the assessment phase?

Absolutely. You will receive help to prepare you for all aspects of the assessment by providing you with:

  • Clear, understandable goals and objectives
  • Consulting and coaching on all documents and manuals
  • Industry training packages including, CASA, ICAO, compliance and administration
  • Practical flight testing assistance

4. How quickly can we get this done?
Our team can have your documents prepared and submitted in as little as 14 working days, once all your information has been provided.

5. There are several companies offering a similar service, why should I use Rise Above instead of another company?
Our Industry Partners:

  • Are CASA Certified with over 20 years professional experience in the aviation Industry, working, flying and instructing, which means they have the background and know how to get things done. Anything is possible, and they relish a challenge.
  • Has a proven track record providing top notch services and training to countless companies and individuals right around Australia.
  • Very High standards of professionalism and service developed and nurtured over the years through multiple operations and applications in the aviation industry. They will bend over backwards to keep you informed during all stages of the process, while constantly preparing you for the next step. Let us do all the hard work while you concentrate on what you are good at, running YOUR business.
  • You will receive a 5% Discount off your Total Course Cost.

6. Can I bundle some training together with assistance with my RPA Operator’s Certificate application?

Absolutely. Contact us to enquire about discounts that apply if you chose multiple options.

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