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NextCore RN50 Drone LiDAR Unit

A user friendly system designed to suit most users. It is accurate to 50mm and boasts lightning fast cloud based processing. The RN50 was designed for the Matrice 600 platform, is compatible with 3rd party RINEX ground stations and is the only Drone LiDAR unit available with a 2 Year Warranty. 


Datasets can be found below.












NextCore is specifically designed to work seamlessly with the DJI M600 and provides high-quality LiDAR data in an easy to use package.


LiDAR boasts many benefits over photogrammetry including excellent tree penetration to create high-quality terrain models under tree canopies, the ability to model large areas while not capturing enormous amounts of excess data, ability to model regardless of lighting conditions.


Once the mission is complete, your data is uploaded to NextCore's servers and combined with RINEX Data from your own survey base station or CORS Network. The NextCore servers then post-process the data through PPK to allow high accuracy georectification of the collected scan.


Once post-processed, you can download your data from the NextCore Cloud system from anywhere in the world anytime in a .laz format. The downloadable files come in decimated (one point per 100mm) and undecimated (usually over 3000 points per square meter) options depending on your specific requirement and data limitations.

This is now a FREE service. All customers will be given 200hrs of processing per year at no cost!
This should more than meet the average needs of an operator. Should a customer exceed this usage, fees will apply.





If you would like more information or pricing please give our friendly staff a call on (02) 4647 3450 or send us an email at



  Absolute Accuracy   < 50mm RMSE @ 50m Range  

PP Attitude Heading RMS Error


0.03° IMU



Payload Weight





Payload Dimension


16L x 12W x 23H (cm)



M600 Mounting Kit Weight





M600 Mounting Kit Boom Span


1.6M Dimensions: 265 H x 155 L x 145 W (mm)



Laser Range


>150 m @ 80%



Reflectivity Flight time on M600


23 minutes (on M600 with TB48s)



Scan area in one flight


50 hectares* *on M600 with TB48 @50m @50m line spacing








Laser Properties


Class 1 (eye safe), 905 nm



Field of Range


20˚ Vertical / 360˚ Horizontal FOV



Number of Returns




  Dimension in LiDAR Sensor


1.0 m / 150 m



Number of Lasers/Planes





RMS Ranging Error

  30 mm  
  Recommended Scanning Height   AGL 20-60m  
  Scan Rate   420k shots/s, up to 1.26M points/s  
  Operating System   Windows 10  
  RAM   4 GB (min), 32 GB Recommended  
  Hard Drive Space   500MB (min)  



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