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Buy your Mayday Autonomous Drone Safety from Rise Above in Sydney, and have confidence that you are dealing with Australia's UAV experts.  We always offer Australia's best prices, but if you find a lower price elsewhere, we will do our best to match it!  We have a team of technicians who can handle most warranty issues locally, as well as repairs, maintenance and upgrades.  For more info, click here 


It seems like every day there is a new video of someone’s expensive quadcopter falling out of the sky for no reason. The risks of each crash are substantial. Property, people, and the quadcopter are all at risk. You can probably imagine the costs of repairing a car’s paint job or paying someone’s medical bills. We're not saying that a recovery system can completely remove these risks, but we believe that having one can help reduce the total damage by a substantial amount (sort of like an airbag in a car.) We also believe that the continued and widely publicized failures that occur will eventually lead to even more regulation than currently enacted, creating even more barriers for substantial progress in this industry.

The most effective aerial protection system around.

At North UAV we believe that the future of unmanned flight can bring the world amazing new products, services, and experiences. But right now these incredible new devices are a little bit hazardous when used incorrectly. That's why the team at North UAV has worked really hard to create Mayday.

Refined and trimmed over time.
Refined and trimmed over time.

 Mayday is a super smart device that uses basic machine learning to determine if your quadcopter, tricopter, octocopter, or hexacopter is crashing. If it detects a crash it can deploy a wide range of servo based countermeasures.


You can program the Mayday to do a wide range of servo release motions to protect against a crash. This allows it to be used with almost any recovery system on the market. To make things easy, during this Kickstarter we are providing a couple great parachute options with our partner,! Get high quality parachutes at a really good Kickstarter price!

Built like a brick wall.

Unlike many other RC/Multirotor products, the Mayday is fully input protected. What good is a safety device that can't protect itself? Since it is fully input protected, we can do space saving things like putting the servo connector right next to the battery connector.

Simple to Install.

Simple two cable interface and mounting makes installing Mayday a breeze.

 Works as a standalone device.

The Mayday can be used all by itself without any connections to a flight controller. Connect the parachute release servo to the Mayday board then connect a small battery, and you're ready to go! Connecting the Mayday to your flight controller adds an extra level of control when flying. For example: You are about to do something totally unexpected and new, like a flip, and you want to make sure Mayday doesn't fire on accident. Simply adjust your RC servo input to the lower PWM range to tell Mayday not to fire and to try learning this new motion. Or adjust your RC servo input to the upper PWM range to override Mayday and to fire a recovery system.

From super charged rigs to power and play. Mayday works everywhere.

Mayday can work with any and every multirotor setup seamlessly. Because it uses machine learning to determine what your normal flight pattern is, you can use Mayday without having to enter in a ton of data or set certain perimeters for it to trigger by. Just power and go. Simple!


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