Bird Control Drones

Don't be fooled by the copies; Rise Above are the original creators of the UAV Drone Bird Control System in Australia.  Rise Above teamed up with BirdGard Australia, who have been producing high quality bird control products for years, and have integrated this technology into their UAV drones. 

The result is an extremely effective, fully autonomous method of controlling bird populations in your farm, orchard or other.  The effectiveness of these systems has been tested and proven, and we have numerous clients who are operating fleets of these machines on their properties to control bird populations.

With integrated waypoint control, you can preprogram flight paths for the system to follow, and sit back and watch while the drone does the hard work for you.

Rise Above have gone one step further and integrated a quick release payload system, which allows you to easily remove your birdgard, or add additional payloads such as stabilised camera gimbals and more.

With full training available on all of our systems, it makes sense to contact the Australian UAV experts at Rise Above.