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Established in 2008, Vision Surveys is an Australian company which primarily performs surveys, mapping and town planning. It was around 2016 that Vision Surveys began utilising UAV technology for applications within their business. This has brought with it a multitude of benefits which have ultimately led to time and cost efficiencies.  Currently, Vision Surveys is using Drone technology for a range of applications, including:

  • Stockpile volumetric calculations
  • Broadacre mapping
  • Contour and detail surveys
  • Aerial video imagery
  • Construction volumes
  • Landfill mapping
  • Road corridor mapping and more.

Brian Forrester, Director & Consulting Surveyor at Vision Surveys (QLD) Pty Ltd spoke to Rise Above about the use of drones in his workplace and in particular, the benefits utilizing the DJI Phantom 4 RTK.

When asked about the benefits the DJI Phantom 4 RTK system has brought his team, Brian said “We spend a bit less time in the field, but we are finding that our accuracies are improved by utilising PPK processing. We utilise PPK processing to reduce the number of Ground Control Points (GCP) and streamline the reduction process.”

When asked how the Phantom 4 RTK compares to traditional methods, Brian said “Where there is minimal vegetation, or difficult to access places, drone mapping is streets ahead of traditional topographic surveying.  As the vegetation increases, they get closer. We often incorporate both styles of surveying to varying degrees, but our clients always love the high-resolution overlay!”

Brian also expressed his belief the next mainstream advance in drone use will be with UAV LiDAR systems as they become lighter and more efficient with mass production.



Rise Above is proud to have worked with Vision Surveys to deliver their Phantom 4 RTK solution to Brian and his team.  When asked about his experience with Rise Above, Brian stated “We have purchased several units through Rise Above Drones, and the aftermarket backup and support has been amazing. We have been assisted many times during the setup phase by the team at Rise Above.  Their knowledge base and response times have been beyond reproach. I would definitely recommend the Rise Above team for anyone looking to purchase an Enterprise drone.”

If you would like to contact Brian or the team at Vision Surveys (QLD) Pty Ltd, you can reach them on P: +61 (7) 4948 3781 or email your enquiry to airlie@visionsurveysqld.com.au



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