Rise Above Bird Scaring Solution




Birds are a common problem for farmers due to the destruction caused to crops with a huge cost to farmers in lost yield and productivity. Traditional bird scaring methods are often not effective in controlling bird populations over large remote areas, and requiring significant time consuming manual input.






Rise Above has multiple bird scarer solutions for both consumer and enterprise clients. These solutions are a proven, automated and cost-effective method in assisting our clients control bird populations in a wide variety of applications including, vineyards, almond, cotton and salmon farms.

The ABC ran a case study on the effectiveness of the Rise Above bird scaring solution, on crops in the Ord Valley. You can read the article for yourself here.














DJI System


Having a DJI system as the base of your bird scaring solution means that you have a reliable globally recognised system which has been designed from the leaders of the drone industry. When investing in a drone solution, you want to have the confidence that you are using the best the industry has to offer.




Proved & Tested




Know what you’re paying for. Our customers want something that will work and can rest assured that our bird scaring solution has been tested and proven to be an extremely effective bird control solution. 




Automated Waypoints





Set your flight-mission way points once and watch your drone fly itself to complete your mission autonomously. You can save these waypoints so that your drone can run the exact same route every time with little to no user input necessary. Simply launch the mission and let the drone do all the work.




Flight Times Up 40 Minutes





The more time your drone can spend in the air, the more work you can get done. With flight times of up to 40 minutes, the Rise Above Bird Scaring solution is able to maximise coverage in a single trip and increase overall effectiveness with minimal human involvement.




Target Numerous Bird Species





Not all birds respond to the same bird of prey sounds. Having multiple bird of prey options on your bird control solution will allow you to test and perfect the most effective bird of prey settings for your nuisance bird types.




Save Time & Money




Save time and money with a drone that will do the work for you and in a way that is not harmful to the fauna in the area. With the ability to pre-program the drone to fly the designated route, farmers are able to move on to the next task whilst the bird scarer works simultaneously.