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Rise Above is an Australian Family run business with over 5 years of experience building, testing and flying commercial UAV’s. Our dedicated and knowledgeable staff consists of RC Enthusiasts, Electrical Engineers, Computer Technicians and a friendly Sales and Support team.

Rise Above is an Australian Busines operating from within Australia, servicing the globe. We are the number 1 distributer for DJI products in Australia, and stock a range of products from other manufacturers including Parrot, T-motor, SwellPro, Micasense, Gryphon Dynamics, and more.

All around Australia we’re seeing industries using unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) systems to improve productivity and safety, extend operational capability and reduce costs. Rise Above Aerials is at the forefront of this new and exciting field.

We assemble, configure and test custom built drones to suit just about any application. Whether it be high quality aerial photography shot with professional camera equipment, security and surveillance applications utilising a wide range of cameras and sensors, using thermal imaging for search and rescue, using Laser Radars for topographic mapping, or providing air drops of equipment to disaster affected areas. With a carrying capacity of up to 7kg just let us know the specific payload you want attached to your drone like a bird scarer, life jackets, signs and banners, crop sprayers, we will do our best to make it happen.

Our state of the art systems use GPS positioning to maintain stable level flight and are able to hover and stay stationary even in high winds. Combined with several on-board systems like waypoint modules for mission planning and programming automated flight paths. First Person View (FPV) for  live video feeds from the drones camera to the operator, onscreen display of flight telemetry such as altitude, heading and battery voltage as well as intelligent safety fetures such as return to home and auto landing makes these drones extremely safe and relatively easy to use.

Commercial UAVs have introduced a new playing field for operational excellence; one which is growing in leaps and bounds. The applications are endless and we hope to see more innovative ideas in the future. At Rise Above we say “The Sky was the limit”