SmallHD AC7 7.7-inch OLED HDMI Monitor

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Buy your SmallHD AC7 7.7-inch OLED HDMI Monitor from Rise Above in Sydney, and have confidence that you are dealing with Australia's UAV experts.  We always offer Australia's best prices, but if you find a lower price elsewhere, we will do our best to match it!  We have a team of technicians who can handle most warranty issues locally, as well as repairs, maintenance and upgrades.  For more info, click here 

Order lead times are generally up to 1 week after order has been placed.

Unparalleled Colour Gamut

OLED is the next major leap in display technology, capable of reproducing a much wider range of colour than traditional LCD panels, letting you see a much truer representation of what your camera is capturing.

Infinite Contrast Ratio

Because OLED displays are not backlit like LCDs but rather lit by each individual pixel, black means black. This yields a contrast ratio of infinity to one. Really.

All of the Benefits, None of the negatives

OLED manages to bring back what we loved about CRTs - the way they handled colour and contrast (yet far better on both counts) and retain the upsides of LCD such as its light weight, low power draw and resolution.

Any colour you can display on an LCD or CRT can be achieved on our OLED screen, but not the other way around.

What comes in the box:

  • Gorilla Glass Screen Protection
  • 12v 2A DC Wall Power Adapter 
  • Mini USB to USB Adapter Cable
  • Quickstart Guide for Basic Menu Operations
  • SmallHD Microfiber Cleaning Cloth
  • Universal Battery Adapter Plate (Battery Bracket NOT included)

Key Software Features:

Focus Assist Plus

One of the underlying principles behind SmallHD’s products is that they should greatly improve the operator’s ability to focus a high-definition camera. Increasing resolution is step number 1, as it adds detail to a scene that you wouldn’t otherwise see. In addition, the AC7 now offers one of the most accurate in-monitor focus assist filters on the market:
“Focus Assist Plus”.


Focus Assist Max

Due to demand, we’ve added an even more intense version of Focus Assist Plus called “Focus Assist Max” for those situations where you might otherwise be struggling to see details.

Focus In Red

Via a recent firmware update we now have “Focus in Red”, improving even further on our already extremely accurate focus tool:
“Focus Assist Plus”.

False Colour

In many situations, particularly when shooting in a LOG-based colour space, judging proper exposure needs to be more than simply looking at the image. “False Colour HL” (High/Low) is the AC7’s built-in exposure meter that ‘paints’ overexposed and underexposed areas in a specific colour—similar to a ‘Zebra’ filter but working for dark tones as well.

False Colour HML

“False Colour HML” (High/Mid/Low) is similar to HL but adds a new zone for Midrange/Skin-tone values at 55 IRE, plus a green gradient and purple gradient to highlight exposure values above and below the midrange.

Framing Guides

The AC7 comes equipped with several “Framing Guides” to help you line up your shot. The options available are Crosshair, Crosshatch, Aspect, and Title guides.

DSLR Guide

Most Canon and Nikon DSLR’s output signals do not fill a monitor’s screen completely. The AC7’s “DSLR Scale” function enables the operator to quickly and easily fill the full screen with the incoming signal, removing those useless black bars, giving you a larger, more detailed look at the scene.

2x Zoom

“2X Zoom” , or 1:2 pixel mapping simply zooms into the image past its native resolution allowing for a very fine look at the details of your image.

Pixel Mapping

If you need to double check focus, or need a slightly closer look at an element of your scene, “1:1 Pixel Mapping” does the trick when it comes to 1080i/1080p signals, showing you a bit more detail than when the image is scaled to fit the screen.


Anamorphic lenses are often both beautiful and strange. Make them look less strange by using our “Anamorphic De-squeeze” filter. Even works on 2X anamorphics, stretching and cropping to a 2:35 aspect ratio for a 16:9 input (pictured).


Have the choice to monitor in black and white with “Monochrome”. Some prefer monochrome while pulling focus because it can be easier on the eyes not having chrominance interfering with the focal plane. Another simple benefit is when shooting in colour, but plan to deliver the final product in monochrome, you can avoid surprises in the edit bay.




20cm x 12.9cm x 2.3cm




Aluminum Skeleton + Rubberized ABS Housing + Gorilla Glass Screen


7.7" (196mm) 


1280 x 800 / 8 bit OLED panel


196 ppi


250 nits












(Firmware input/ 5 Volt Output)


12 watts


7v - 18v DC


5v / 1A via USB




Brand SmallHD
Shipping Weight 2.0000kg

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