Vulcan Heavy Lift Infrared Octocopter System

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Vulcan Heavy Lift Infrared Octocopter System

The Vulcan Heavy Lift Infrared Octocopter is a completely modular system targeted for use in agriculture, inspections, search and rescue, and many other applications requiring thermal or infra red technology.  This system comes complete with a FLIR Tau 2 640 thermal and infrared camera, manufactured by the world leaders in infrared camera technology.  More information can be found on the FLIR website here:


We have designed this system with an zenmuse h3 3d gimbal installed for go pro hero 3, so you can view real-time footage and account for the viewing angle of the IR camera.

 This system has a multitude of uses including:

Agriculture - crop monitoring, monitoring transpiration and photosynthesis rates, tracking and monitoring livestock and other animals

Search and rescue - locating missing persons, identifying predatory animals, fire spotting etc.

Inspection - crack and damage inspection, insulation inspection etc.

Spend your money once! Don't be fooled by cheaper kits on the market; our drones are the best! We spend the time to ensure EVERY part of your drone is built and configured to perfection. That is why we GUARANTEE  our kits to produce perfectly stable and jello free video!!  Check out our drone test video's to see how hard we push our UAV's!

 At Rise Above Aerials, we supply the highest quality professional aerial photography and video uav drones.  These drones are custom built by our experienced team to be optimised for aerial photography and video.  Our drones use market leading flight controllers, motors and components, which provide smooth & stable flight, as well as extremely accurate GPS position hold, waypoint navigation, target lock , plus much more.

 Professional users require a custom built aerial solution, which we can provide.  We keep up to date with the latest technology, to ensure your drone is fitted with the best and latest components and sensors to maximise their capability, including the latest brushless camera gimbals.  We optimise all our drones for flight and video performance, so your drone is guaranteed to be smooth and stable in flight, and produce the highest quality video.  We also overrate all our components, so your drone will run cool and handle heavy loads.

  Our customer service is second to none; we are available on call between 9am-6pm, 6 days per week and have emergency contact numbers for custom build clients.  We are located about 45mins south of Sydney, so you can come drive in and drive away!  We provide face to face technical advice and support; call us today to come in for a UAV demonstration.

  We can train you to fly your drone, and provide CASA required UAV manufacturer training.   We can also assist you with the express delivery of spares throughout Australia;  if you are on a job and you realise you forgot your charger, give us a call and we will express post one out to you!

 ​We have chosen only high quality suppliers for frames and components, and we are proud to be the Australian distributor for DJI, Vulcan UAV, Tmotor, and a supplier of Steadidrone frames.  This allows us to provide you with local support and warranty, as well as technical advice from our experienced team.  We also offer RPAS OEM UAV manufacturer training, and flight training for UAV drones, and can assist in the construction of operations manuals and risk assessments as required by CASA.

 Contact us today for futher information!


Vulcan Heavy Lift Infra Red Octocopter System consists of:

1.  Vulcan X8 or octocopter frame (1080mm or 1200mm) - strongest frames on the market for a vibration free, damage resistant system.

2.  DJI Zenmuse h3 3d 3 axis brushless camera gimbal for Go pro hero 3.

3.  FLIR Tau 2 Infra-red camera (640 resolution) with 19mm lens - manufactured by the world leaders in infra-red and thermal imaging technology

4.  Tmotor navigators series heavy lift aerial photography motors - highest quality motors and bearings

5.  Tmotor high efficiency carbon fibre propellers - up to 15% increase in efficiency over standard props

6.  Vulcan heavy duty 390mm carbon fibre landing gear

7.  DJI A2 Flight control System - Full GPS navigation system with altitude hold,position hold, waypoint control, target lock, Ground station control, market leading flight controller

8.  DJI 2.4ghz Waypoint ground station module (for IPAD control) - fly via waypoints on your ipad

9.  Immersion 5.8ghz 25mw (ACMA Compliant) Live Video Downlink to stream video live back to the operator on the ground (can be upgraded to DJI Lightbridge)

10.  DJI IOSD MKII for data display on video feed - displays vital drone data on your video feed

11.  Black pearl 7" diveristy monitor to view live video feed

12.  Top of the line fpv goggles with inbuilt 5.8ghz diversity receiver, external camera + much more

13.  Setup for single operator (Futaba 14SG) or Dual Operator (Futaba 8J for cam operator) - using market leading spektrum digital flight radio's

14.  4 x 12,400mah 6S high discharge lipo batteries

15. Powerlab 8 Advanced Lipo Charging system with fuse protected 6 way parallel charge board - arguably the best lipo charger on the market

16. 55A 24v/12v/5v power supply for charger - huge power supply to feed the powerlab 8

17. 2 x Lipo Battery Alarms/testers

18.  2 x spare 16" propellers

19. RPAS OEM manufacturer training, + 2 hrs flight training + operations manual

20.  Full assembly, configuration and flight testing - 100% ready to fly turnkey solution.

21.  Guaranteed to be optimised for flight performance, GPS position hold, and video quality

22.  Guaranteed to be free from workmanship defects.

23.  Ongoing technical and spares support


 What you can expect from your custom built Vulcan Heavy Lift Infra Red Octocopter System:

1. A top of the line, complete turnkey ready to fly professional aerial infra red and thermal imaging package.  These are the highest level commercial UAVs, which can be used for numerous applications including cinematography, surveying, reconnaisance, agriculture, and much more.

2.  A completely modular and customisable system - you can easily swap out the infra red and go pro cameras for larger zenmuse gimbals such as the canon 5d, gh4 and even a DJI Ronin!

2.  Unparalleled flight performance - absolutely stable and rock solid gps postiion hold, a pleasure to see in flight (check out the flight test video's)

3.  Heavy lifting capability - lift any camera up to a red epic, or stay in the air longer with extra batteries

4.  A safe, reliable drone that is built to stay in the air!


Still not convinced? Here's why our builds are better than our competitors:

1 . We use market leading DJI flight controllers, which can be easily upgraded with new firmware and configured easily.  Other systems like mikrokopter can be very difficult to setup, configure and find someone to support.

2.  We know what it takes to optimise UAV flight, we are experts at UAV's and have been building and optimising UAV drones for a very long time (since the release of the first KK board).  Our custom drones are guaranteed to be the most stable, highest quality video production drones in Australia!

3.  Our customer service is the best in the industry; we won't leave you hanging after your purchase.  We offer ongoing technical support to all our clients, and we can normally get you back in the air over the phone!

4.  We don't cheap out on parts and components to save on build costs, we use the best components available for your drone.  One example of this is the use of DJI Zenmuse brushless gimbals - these can costs 3 or 4 times as much as servo based, or other brushless models offered by other builders, but gives far superior video stabilisation and isolation than other gimbals on the market.  We overrate all our components so your drone runs cool and lifts heavy loads with ease!

5.  Flight times - our drones are optimised for extended flight times using high efficiency motors and props, which means your drone stays in the air for longer.  Up to 30 minutes can be achieved on this drone (dependent on setup).



Brand Vulcan
Shipping Weight 25.0000kg

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