FLIR TAU 2 336 Thermal Camera - 7.5Hz (Slow Video)

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Buy your FLIR TAU 2 Thermal Imaging Infrared camera from Rise Above in Sydney, Australia and have confidence that you are dealing with Australia's UAV experts.  We ship all across Australia and Internationally, and always offer Australia's best prices. We have a team of technicians who can handle most warranty issues locally, as well as repairs, maintenance and upgrades.  For more info, click here

Rise Above is FLIR's official distributor for Tau2, Vue, and Vue Pro thermal infrared cameras in Oceania and Asia-Pacific regions.

FLIR Tau 2 Thermal Infrared Camera 


Please note these items are not held in stock, and delivery is generally 2-3 weeks from order date.

Prices displayed are for Wide Field of View (WFoV) lenses only (7.5mm-19mm). Please contact us for a custom quote on Narrow Field of View (NFoV) lenses (35mm and above). Lens options are listed below.

Resolution and Lens Options (Wide Field of View)

To compare differences between lens options, check the DRI tool here

FLIR Tau 2 - 336x256 Pixel ... 30Hz Fast or 7.5Hz Slow Video Versions
7.5 mm; f/1.4; 45° x 35° Fov
9 mm; f/1.25; 35° x 27° FoV
13 mm; f/1.25; 25° x 19° FoV
19mm; f/1.25; 17° x 13° FoV

FLIR Tau 2 - 640x512 Pixel ... 30Hz Fast or 7.5Hz Slow Video Versions
9 mm; f/1.4; 69° x 56° FoV
13 mm; f/1.25; 45° x 37° FoV
19 mm; f/1.25; 32° x 26° FoV

Narrow Field of View lenses (35mm and above) also available. Contact us for a custom quote.


FLIR Tau 2 thermal imaging cameras offer an unmatched set of features, making them well-suited for demanding applications like Unmanned Airborne Vehicles (UAVs), thermal weapon sights, and handheld imagers. Improved electronics now give Tau 2 even more capabilities, including radiometry, increased sensitivity (<30mK), 640/30Hz frame rates, and powerful image processing modes that dramatically improve detail and contrast. Since the electrical function are common between the Tau 2 640 and 336, integrators have direct compatibility between the different camera formats, and Tau camera versions share many of the same lens options.

New features:

  • 2nd generation Digital Detail Enhancement™
  • Active Contrast Enhancement™
  • Smart Scene Optimization™
  • Information Based HEQ™ that automatically adjusts AGC
  • Silent Shutterless NUC™
  • Accurate temperature measurement for radiometry, analytics and telemetry
  • Lenses are hard carbon coated for harsh environments

Please note: FLIR's 320x240 30Hz Fast-Video and 640x480 30Hz Fast-Video (>9Hz) uncooled LWIR Thermal Camera Core products are export controlled and require validated export licenses from the U.S. Department of Commerce prior to export or re-export outside of the United States to certain countries. Strategic Trade Authorized (STA) Countries are an exception (see list below). In circumstances whereby "RHP International" delivers a camera to a customer in the U.S. who intends to export or re-export the FLIR camera outside of the United States, whether or not the camera is integrated into another product, it is the customer’s responsibility to apply for the required export license from the appropriate department of the U.S. government. Diversion contrary to U.S. law is prohibited. See below for a list of STA countries and other Export information.

STA Country List:
Australia, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, the United States, and the United Kingdom.

For other countries, a valid export license must be obtained from the U.S. Department of Commerce prior to export or re-export of such devices outside of the United States. We cannot ship FLIR 30Hz Fast Video to countries outside the STA list without the valid export license.



TAU 640

TAU 336

TAU 324

Thermal Imager Uncooled VOx Microbolometer
FPA / Digital Video Display Formats 640 × 512 336 × 256 324 × 256
Analog Video Display Formats 640 × 480 (NTSC); 640 × 512 (PAL)1
Pixel Pitch 17 μm 25 μm
Spectral Band 7.5 - 13.5 μm
Full Frame Rates 30 Hz (NTSC)
25 Hz (PAL)
30/60 Hz (NTSC)
25/50 Hz (PAL)
Exportable Frame Rates 7.5 Hz NTSC; 8.3 Hz PAL
Sensitivity (NEdT) <50 mK at f/1.0
Scene Range (High Gain) -25°C to +135°C -25°C to +100°C -25°C to +135°C
Scene Range (Low Gain) -40°C to +550°C
Time to Image <5.0 sec <4.0 sec
Factory Optimized Video Yes


TAU 640

TAU 336

TAU 324

Size (w/o lens) 1.75" x 1.75" x 1.18"
Lensed & Lensless Configurations Available Yes
Precision Mounting Holes (M2x0.4) on
3 sides (2 per side)
Sealable Bulkhead Mounting Feature
on Lens Barrel (M29×1.0), WFOV Only


TAU 640

TAU 336

TAU 324

Isotherms See Product Spec page 34 Section
Spot Meter Temperatures measured in central 4×4
Advanced Radiometry Improved accuracy, moveable spot meter, image metric data, T-Linear (digital output)
(OEM part number required, additional charge)


TAU 640

TAU 336

TAU 324

NTSC/PAL (field switchable) Yes
Image Optimization Yes
Digital Detail Enhancement Yes
Invert/Revert (analog and 8-bit digital) Yes
Polarity Control (black hot/white hot) Yes
Color & Monochrome Palettes (LUTs) Yes
Digital Zoom 2x, 4x, 8x 2x, 4x
Continuous Zoom Yes
Symbology (256 gray & 256 color) Yes, single-pixel resolution for all models


TAU 640

TAU 336

TAU 324

LVDS (14-bit or 8-bit) Yes
CMOS (14-bit or 8-bit) Yes
BT.656 (8-bit) Yes
Camera Link (Expansion Bus Accessory Module) Yes
Slow Video Option (factory configured) Yes


TAU 640

TAU 336

TAU 324

Primary Electrical Connector 50-pin Hirose
Input Power (max 2.5 amp during shutter) 4.0 - 6.0 VDC
Power Dissipation, steady state <1.2 W ~1.0 W
Flat-Field Correction (FFC) Duration <0.5 sec
Power Reduction Switch (disables analog video) Yes
RS-232 Compatible Communication 57,600 & 921,600 baud
External Sync Input/Output Yes
Discrete I/O Controls Available Yes (10-camera minimum)
Settable Splash Screens Yes (10-camera minimum)
User Configurability via SDK & GUI Yes
Dynamic Range Switching No Yes


TAU 640

TAU 336

TAU 324

Operating Temperature Range -40°C to +80°C
Non-Operating Temperature Range -55°C to +95°C
Temperature Shock 5°/min
Operational Altitude +40,000 feet
Humidity 5% - 95% non-condensing
Vibration 4.3g three axis, 8 hr each
Shock 200g shock pulse w/ 11 msec sawtooth
ROHS Compliant




7.5 MM

9 MM
F/1.25 FOR TAU 324 & 336
F/1.4 FOR TAU 640

13 MM

19 MM

Tau 640
(17μ 640×512)
90° x 69°
2.267 mr
69° x 56°
1.889 mr
45° x 37°
1.308 mr
32° x 26°
0.895 mr
Tau 336
(17μ 336×256)
45° x 35°
2.267 mr
35° x 27°
1.889 mr
25° x 19°
1308 mr
17° x 13°
0.895 mr
Tau 324
(25μ 324×256)
63° x 50°
3.333 mr
48° x 37°
2.778 mr
34° x 26°
1.923 mr
24° x 18°
1.316 mr
Min Focus Distance 2.5cm 3.2cm 7.6cm 15.3cm
Hyperfocal Distance 1.2m 2.1m 4.4m 9.5m
Hyperfocal Depth of Field 0.6m 1.1m 2.2m 4.8m
Lens Mount M34x0.5 inside thread; M29x0.5 outside thread
Length 8mm 9mm 13mm 19mm
Diameter 29mm 29mm 29mm 29mm
Weight 72g 72g <70g <70g




25 MM

35 MM

50 MM

60 MM

100 MM

Tau 640
(17μ 640×512)
25° x 20°
0.680 mr
18° x 14°
0.486 mr
12.4° x 9.9°
0.340 mr
10.4° x 8.3°
0.283 mr
6.2° x 5°
0.170 mr
Tau 336
(17μ 336×256)
13° x 10°
0.680 mr
9.3° x 7.1°
0.486 mr
6.5° x 5°
0.340 mr
5.5° x 4.2°
0.283 mr
3.3° x 2.5°
0.170 mr
Tau 324
(25μ 324×256)
18° x 14°
1.000 mr
13° x 10°
0.714 mr
9.1° x 6.9°
0.500 mr
7.6° x 5.7°
0.417 mr
4.6° x 3.7°
0.250 mr
Min Focus Distance 30cm 60cm 1.5m 2.3m 7m
Hyperfocal Distance 21m 35m 71m 122m 160m
Hyperfocal Depth of Field 11m 18m 36m 61m 80m
Lens Mount M34x0.5 inside thread.
Length 25mm 35mm 50mm 60mm 100mm
Diameter 42mm 42mm 58mm 61mm 82mm
Weight 112g 150g 280g 200g 479g



Brand FLIR
Shipping Weight 2.2000kg
Shipping Width 0.520m
Shipping Height 0.150m
Shipping Length 0.240m
Shipping Cubic 0.018720m3

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