Rise Above is the Australian distributor for Sentera products, offering local sales, support, and service.

The Sentera Multispectral NDVI Single Sensor camera transforms a DJI drone into a precision agriculture scouting tool,  capturing NIR imagery and producing NDVI crop maps using Sentera's AgVault 2.0 software.

Our low cost upgrade allows your DJI drone to provide NDVI crop health datawithout compromising the existing camera. Our NDVI upgrade integrates a NIR global shutter camera alongside your existing DJI drone camera, so you get the best of both worlds — a fully gimbaled colour camera for scouting and NIR photos for NDVI. Photos are geo-tagged and timestamped to enable quick, streamlined field scouting and identification of problem areas.

Growers now have an affordable, versatile way to quickly collect normalized difference vegetation index (NDVI) and high-resolution color imagery simultaneously. By coupling a Sentera Single Sensor with a DJI drone and AgVault software, producers can systematically collect critical, precise crop-health data allowing them to make informed input decisions.