AgStar X8 - The Complete Precision Agriculture Drone Solution

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AgStar - The Complete Precision Agriculture Drone Solution by Rise Above

The AgStar is an all-in-one precision agricultural solution designed and built in-house at Rise Above. The AgStar is based on the concept of utilising one drone platform, with numerous interchangeable payloads to perform a range of applications, rather than numerous drone platforms to do the same.   

For detailed information on the AgStar, and what is included in the package, please click the "FEATURES" tab above

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The X8 Package includes:

  • AgStar Octoctoper with X8 Configuration (dual motor/propeller setup on each arm)
  • Custom fixed landing gear
  • Strong Vulcan Frame
  • A2 Flight Controller
  • Futaba T14SG Remote Controller + Charger
  • DJI Waypoint Module
  • All Built, Setup, and Tested by our Rise Above technicians



Rise Above custom built professional systems are made to order in-house at Rise Above.  Completion time from order confirmation is usually around 2 weeks, but can take up to 4 weeks.  Please contact us for any urgent requirements

At Rise Above Aerials, we supply the highest quality professional UAV drones.  These drones are custom designed & built by our experienced team to be optimised for superior flight performance, and stability.  Our drones use market leading flight controllers, motors and components, which provide high reliability, as well as extremely accurate GPS position hold, waypoint navigation, target lock, plus much more.

To find out why our drones are superior to other systems, click here



The 'Ag-Star" is an all-in-one agricultural solution designed and built in house at Rise Above.  The Ag Star was based on the concept of utilising one drone, with numerous interchangeable payloads to perform a range of applications, rather than numerous drone platforms to do the same.


The "Ag-Star" has countless upgrades from our previous models, including:


1.  Upgraded frame - heavy duty frame with quick fold capability

2.  Upgraded drivetrain - we have upgraded the drivetrain of this system for heavier lifting capacity, and longer flight times.

3.  Portable/Foldable - we have designed the system to fold up for transport easily, and without tools:

      a)  All arms have quick release cam bolts for instant release.  

      b)  All payloads have quick release adapter plates for removal or changover in minutes.  

      c)  Redesigned folding landing legs - fold for storage in seconds.

      d)  Folding GPS pole - to minimise storage footprint.

4.  Integrated power and Signal hubs - dedicated ports for power and signal for payloads, simplifing the changover process.

5.  Quick release/modular system - all payloads are mounted on quick release adapters allowing changover in minutes.


We have a huge range of payloads available with the "Ag-Star" system, including:

1.  Camera/sensor payloads:

           a)  Visual sensor payloads:

                        i)  Go pro hero 3/4 with H3/H4-3d stabilised brushless gimbal

                        ii) Customised 20x zoom camera with stabilised brushless gimbal

           b)  Multispectral/NDVI sensor payloads - perform in depth NDVI scans to monitor plant health and stress.

                        i)  Micasense Rededge with stabilised brushless gimbal

                        ii)  MAP IR hard mounted NDVI sensors

           c)  Thermal/Infrared sensor payloads - perform thermal surveys to identify variances in your crops, monitor livestock,                    or identify and locate feral animals.

                        i)  Advanced Thermal gimbal package:  2 axis stabilised gimbal for FLIR Vue/Vue Pro/Tau2 Thermal camera                              with LCD touch screen for control of thermal camera settings, and 5.8ghz video transmission.

                        ii)  Base thermal gimbal package:  2 axis stabilised gimbal for FLIR Vue/Vue Pro/Tau2 Thermal camera with                                 5.8ghz video transmission.

                        iii)  Custom dual sensor payload:  2 axis stablised gimbal for FLIR Vue/Vue Pro/Tau2 thermal camera &                                      Gopro/20x zoom cam.


2.  Bird Scarer Payload -

We have integrated the proven Birdgard Bird Control system into our UAV drones.  Our Bird Scaring drones have been utilised on properties all across Australia with great success.  Fully automated bird control; just program your flight path, and press GO!


3.  Seed Spreader/Bug Spreader Payload

Using our customised seed spreader payload, you can sow entire paddocks in minutes utilising full automated flight.  Adjustable spreading speeds mean you can fine tune the payload for your application.  Can be utilised for spreading beneficial bugs on your crop too!


4.  Water Sampling Payload 

Using our water sampling payload, you can collect water samples from sources across your property, without leaving the comfort of your chair.


5.  Payload Release Mechanism

Using our payload release mechanism, you can remotely drop items across your property.  This can be performed semi-autonomously, or with full manual control.


6.  Crop Spraying Payload (coming soon for Octocopter version only)

Using our crop spraying payload, you can perform crop dusting applications taking advantage of time and cost efficiencies.  Fully automate your spraying!!



This system can be used for a range of application on your property, including:

a)  Property Reconnaisance - remotely monitor your property with live SD or HD video feed to operator, and up to 2km range.

b)  Bird Control - remotely and autonomously control bird populations on your property.

c)  Precision Agriculture - create complex maps and identify areas needing attention using NDVI and thermal sensors.

d)  Mapping - create complex 3D models, contour maps and more.

e)  Seed sowing - sow entire paddocks autonomously, with little manual labour

f)  Water sampling - collect and analyse water samples remotely.

g)  Payload release mechanism - Remotely drop payloads on your property


Rise Above AG-STAR QUAD Ready to Fly Kit Key Features:

 1.  Vulcan Black widow folding frame

 2.  Simonk Flashed Speed controllers & heavy lift tmotor Navigator series motors - highest quality motors and bearings

 3.  Tmotor high efficiency carbon fibre propellers - up to 15% increase in efficiency over standard props

 4.  DJI Naza M V2 Flight control System - Full GPS navigation system with altitude hold, GPS position hold, Intelligent Orientation Control, Waypoint control, and more.  Can be upgraded to DJI A2 on request

 7.  DJI 2.4ghz Waypoint ground station module (for IPAD or laptop control) - fly via waypoints on your ipad

 8.  Immersion rc 5.8ghz Live Video Downlink to stream video live back to the operator on the ground

 9.  DJI IOSD Mini for live data display on your video feed

 10.  7" Black Pearl Monitor with inbuilt diversity receiver and fpv monitor bracket to mount to flight radio

11.   Horizon FPV long range antenna set  for maximum range 

 12.  Futaba 8FG Flight Radio with Charger (Naza kit), or Futaba 14SG flight radio with Charger (A2 kit)

 13.  2 x 12,500mah lipo batteries (maximum size for this frame is 12500 - 12500mah batteries required for 30 minute flights).  Recommended to fly 10,000mah in winds over 20km/h, or when lifting heavier payloads.

 14. 1 x Single port lipo charging system (requires user to provide 12V power supply if powering from mains)

 15. 2 x Lipo Battery Alarms/testers

 16.  Full assembly, configuration and flight testing - 100% ready to fly turnkey solution.

 17.  Guaranteed to be optimised for flight performance, GPS position hold, and video quality

 18.  Guaranteed to be free from workmanship defects.

 19.  Ongoing technical and spares support

 20.  We can provide all required training for your CASA UAV certification (additional cost)


  What you can expect from your custom built AG-STAR ready to fly package:

 1. A high end, extremely reliable, complete turnkey ready to fly professional agricultural solution.

 2.  Huge range of applications and user options available.

 3.  Unparalleled flight performance - absolutely stable and rock solid gps postiion hold, a pleasure to see in flight 

 4.  Heavy lifting capability - lift more batteries for longer flight times - up to 30min with 2 x 12500mah batteries and no camera!

5.  Flight Times:

       a)  Tested to 33minutes with no payload & 2 x 12500mah batteries

       b)  expected flight time with base FPV setup/bird scarer - 25 minutes.

       c)  expected flight time when running dual payload - approx 15 - 22 minutes.

       d)  Flight times can be affected by flying style, battery condition, environmental influences and numerous other factors.

 5.  A safe, reliable drone that is built to stay in the air!


 Still not convinced? Here's why our builds are better than our competitors:

 1 . We use market leading DJI flight controllers, which can be easily upgraded with new firmware and configured easily.  Other systems like mikrokopter can be very difficult to setup, configure and find someone to support.

 2.  We know what it takes to optimise UAV flight, we are experts at UAV's and have been building and optimising UAV drones for a very long time (since the release of the first KK board).  Our custom drones are guaranteed to be the most stable, highest quality video production drones in Australia!

 3.  Our customer service is the best in the industry; we won't leave you hanging after your purchase.  We offer ongoing technical support to all our clients, and we can normally get you back in the air over the phone!

 4.  We don't cheap out on parts and components to save on build costs, we use the best components available for your drone.  One example of this is the use of DJI Zenmuse brushless gimbals - these can costs 3 or 4 times as much as servo based, or other brushless models offered by other builders, but gives far superior video stabilisation and isolation than other gimbals on the market.  We overrate all our components so your drone runs cool and lifts heavy loads with ease!

 5.  Flight times - our drones are optimised for extended flight times using high efficiency motors and props, which means your drone stays in the air for longer.  Up to 30 minutes can be achieved on this drone (dependent on setup).


AG-Star Base Quadcopter Package Includes:

1.  Complete AgStar Drone, custom built and tested at Rise Above.

2.  Vulcan Black widow folding frame

3.  Rise Above folding landing gear with 12mm carbon tubes

4.  Highest Quality Heavy lift Aerial Photography Motors

5.  Simonk Flashed Speed controllers for smooth stable flight and fast throttle response

6.  DJI Naza V2 Flight Controller 

7.  Futaba 10J flight radio  

8.  2.4ghz Ipad waypoint module (DJI)

9.  Tattu 12500mah 6S LiPo Battery x 2

7.  80W Lipo Charger

8.  2 x Lipo Tester/alarms


AgStar Pro Quadcopter Package Includes:

1.  All Items listed above

2.  Upgrade Naza V2 flight controller to DJI A2 Professional Flight control system

3.  Upgrade Futaba 10J to Futaba 14SG flight radio


AgStar FPV Payload Includes:

1.  Vulcan quick release plate - for quick and easy installation/removal from your drone

2.  H4-3D Gimbal - 3 axis stabilised brushless camera gimbal to keep your footage perfectly stable, and allow 90 degrees of tilt control

3.  Iosd Mini - Intelligent On Screen Display to feed telemtry data from your drone to you on the ground.

4.  Immersion 25mw 5.8ghz - SD video transmission for live video feed to the operator.  Restricted to 25mw to comply with Australian Regulation.

5.  Black Pearl Monitor - 7" LCD screen with folding sunshade for viewing live video feed.  Mounts directly to the operator controller.

6.  Long Range Antenna set - We have included an upgraded antenna set for increased range and penetration on the video system (up to 1km)


AgStar Birdscarer Payload Includes:

The Bird Scarer Payload includes the following items assembly, configured and tested for use:

1.  Vulcan quick release plate - for quick and easy installation/removal from your drone

2.  Bird Gard Bird Scarer System integrated for UAV usage

3.  Additional speaker for Bird Scarer system


AgStar Seed/Feed Spreader Payload Includes:

1.  Vulcan quick release plate - for quick and easy installation/removal from your drone

2.  Automated Seed/Feed spreader with integration into UAV system

3.  Additional speaker for Bird Scarer system

Brand Rise Above
Shipping Weight 10.0000kg

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