Agriculture Drones



New technologies are revolutionizing the use of remote sensing in agriculture. The widespread availability of low cost drones enables agricultural professionals to cost-effectively gather crop health information without waiting for satellite passes or paying the high costs of manned-aircraft flights. Information can be collected at resolutions measured in just centimeters per pixel. Data captured on a frequent basis enables growers and agronomists to map the health and vigor of crops today as well as observing how that crop is changing over time.

The use of UAV Drones for Precision Agriculture, farming, and crop management is exploding across the world.  Drones have a unique advantage in being able to provide live data from a range of sensors (including multispectral, NIR and lidar) to perform in-depth analysis of crop health and more.  Rise Above are a one stop shop for agriculture drone systems; we have a range of fixed wing and multirotor models which dominate the market with their performance, and a range of software options to match.

We also have a range of cameras, sensors and modules such as infrared, multispectral/NVDI and lidar which can integrate with the PIX4D software to provide full a huge range of functionality.  


Some of the benefits of Agriculture Drones are:

Increased Yields - identify issues with crops immediately and take action.

Time and Cost Savings - Drones can achieve the results you want fast, and cut down on the number of personnel required.

Return on Investment - Identify issues, and resolve them quickly, increasing yields.  Average increase are around 10%.

Ease of use - at Rise Above we can provide training and support on all systems we sell.  All drones comes with GPS functionality, and auto return home to land function.

Integrated GIS Mapping - all our agriculture systems have the ability to perform mapping functions via PIX4D software

Crop Health Imaging - using Infra Red, Thermal, NVDI and multispectral sensors allows direct visibility over the health of your vield.  View things such as sunlight absorption rates, transpiration rates, crop health and more.


View our range of Agriculture Drone Options below, supported by the UAV experts at Rise Above





AgStar Bird Scarer Payload

AgStar Bird Scarer Payload


AgStar GoPro FPV Camera Payload

AgStar GoPro FPV Camera Payload


DJI M100 NDVI Ag Package with SlantRange 3P Multispectral Camera
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DJI Phantom 4 High Visibility Orange Graphics Decal Sticker Kit
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Parrot Disco Pro AG Drone

Parrot Disco Pro AG Drone


Rise Above Floodlight Payload

Rise Above Floodlight Payload